MBZ 27 | DAY 7

17.00 HGZ | Inside EU: Festivalski seksteti


Inside EU

Festival Sextet

Iannis Xenakis (GR/FR): Ittidra, string sextet
Georg Friedrich Haas (AT): Sextet for three violas and three cellos
Krzysztof Penderecki (PL): Sextet for clarinet, horn, string trio and piano

19.30 KDVL | Zagrebačka filharmonija


Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Luca Pfaff, conductor
Ivana Srbljan, mezzosoprano
Mia Elezović, piano
Vedran Kocelj, trumpet

Danijel Legin: Nebula, for symphonic orchestra* (commissioned by HDS-MBZ) 
Tomislav Oliver: Vacana, for voice and orchestra*
(commissioned by HDS-MBZ)


Davorin Kempf: Concerto corale, concerto for piano and orchestra* (commissioned by the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra)
Milko Kelemen: Tromberia, for trumpet and orchestra*
(commissioned by HDS-MBZ)

21.30 MDVL | Ansambl ART NRW


ART Ensemble NRW

chamber ensemble

Miro Dobrowolny, conductor

Miro Dobrowolny: Bridges
Ruben Radica: Twilight Poem, for a string quartet
Jorg Peter Mittmann: transit - four allegories for a string quintet
(commissioned by the ART Ensemble)
Bruno Strobl: gates and gates and... for ensemble*
(commissioned by the ART Ensemble)

23.00 &TD | Ansambl Klang: Electrified


Ansambl Klang / Klang Ensemble: Electrified

Kate Moore: 101
Yannis Kyriakides: God Good Luck
Peter Adriaansz: Wave 3
Tom Johnson: Rational Melodies  [selection]
Pete Harden: Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds
A coproduction with the "Culture of Change" Department of the Student Centre of the University of Zagreb.