Les Percusions de Strasbourg thrilled the audience yesterday night at the Zagreb Youth Theatre


After last night’s concert at the Zagreb Youth Theater, where their inventive approach to percussion repertoire thrilled the audience, Les Percussions de Strasbourg moves to the Zagreb Puppet Theater today, where they will embark on conquering a new audience. The announced concert for children and youth is a mix of music for electronics and percussion. 


Today's MBZ programme offers piano concertos from all over the world and lots of other attractive concerts!


The fifth day of the 29th MBZ begins at the Music Academy with a symposium on present day choral music. The participants include composers and conductors from various countries who are taking part in this year's festival.


Ensemble Modern and Chris Jarrett marked the 3rd day of 29th MBZ!

Another evening in a row, a large audience at the ZKM had an opportunity to listen to one of the best contemporary ensembles, the Ensemble Modern. Croatian composer Tibor Szirovicza was extremely happy with the performance of his work, and this experience will certainly spur his future creative works. Enthusiastic audience filled the Blagoje Bersa Hall for a jazz concert organized in collaboration with the jazz.hr cycle


Some of the leading European contemporary music ensembles will mark first days of 29th MBZ


Last night, a large audience attended the guest performance of the magnificent Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Zagreb Youth Theater. The composer Berislav Šipuš, the only Croatian composer on the repertoire of the French virtuosos, was also happy with the performance of his new work.


29th MBZ started with the grand openings for adults and children!


Once more, the last week od April was reserved for the opening of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb. Yesterday, April 22nd at the Zagreb Comedy Theater opera Klotho written by the Polish composer Martyna Kosecka was performed under the baton of Croatian composer and conducter Berislav Šipuš. The opera was performed by the Ensemble and Soloists of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka.



The moment has come – only two days left till the first Music Biennale Zagreb 2017 weekend!


On Saturday, 22nd April at the Zagreb Comedy Theatre at 7.30 p.m. the solemn opening of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb will take place. The Festival lives with its audience and its city from 1961!


Tickets for 29th Music Biennale Zagreb are on sale!


All lovers of contemporary music as and faithful MBZ audience can purchase tickets for MBZ programmes as well as the festival pass!



Audio-visual programmes - a special treat of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb!

Within the rich and diverse festival programme that will surely satisfy audiences of different interests, age and aesthetic affinities, the most appealing are the audio-visual projects. Fans of creative and imaginative mixtures of music and visual arts will have several programmes to choose from. 


Croatian artists at 29th MBZ!


Music Biennale Zagreb is proud to present to an international audience the most distinguished artists and ensembles from its country. Special value of this programmes, produced mostly with the collaboration between cultural institutions, is providing a window into the international contemporary music scene.


Music Biennale Zagreb raises a new audience: grand programs for the little ones


Being aware of the importance of raising the audience from the youngest age, Music Biennale Zagreb has organised a whole series of programmes dedicated to children and youngsters