02|04 Tuesday
Cultural Information Center (KIC) | 2|4|2019. 12 PM

Kulturno informativni centar - KIC

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Opening of Installation: The Shape of Sound

The Cultural Information Center (KIC) and the 30th MBZ along with the curator Emil Matešić present an interactive installation by Ivan Lušičić Liik that will be exhibited in the Gallery on the first floor of KIC, Preradovićeva Street 5.

The author shared his thoughts in the introduction: “The sensory input of an eye and an ear, provoked by the information in the form of an image or a sound, is a space in which we create impressions through mutual relations of what has been seen or heard. We remember these impressions as the definitions of our environment. The nature is attributed typical sounds, urban areas have their own sound data, and abstract concepts such as feelings or moods also have their own canonical sounds. The dichotomy of it, the mismatching of an image and a sound or, inversely, the matching, creating the sound from the image through interactions with visitors is a creative space that this work attempts to examine. Through movements, gestures or activities within the installation, the visitors become initiators of the change of the default image or sound, but, at the same time, also the authors of an unpredictable audio experience.”