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Marcello Piras: What's freedom in free jazz? – An investigation!

One of the most highly regarded Italian musicologists in the world, Marcello Piras, has been studying and analyzing jazz music since he was 16. He is an international expert in African-American music, although his research goes way beyond it. He has published a book on John Coltrane and essays for encyclopedias, books and periodicals. He also translated books Early Jazz and The Swing Era by Gunther Schuller, and the accompanying texts on the jazz musicians' albums. Piras also works on a new method of structural analysis of jazz. He taught at prestigious universities and holds master classes in performance all over the world: Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc. From 2001 to 2002 he worked at the Center for Black Music Research in Chicago and at the University of Michigan. He currently resides in Mexico, where he studies the African-American impact on Baroque music and has been writing a paper on African-American music history, from Stone Age until nowadays, in which he has integrated research paleontology, evolutionism, phylogenetic of the human brain, linguistics and archaeology. He will finish his Zagreb adventure with an answer to the question: What is freedom in free jazz?


Port to Port to Port

Denis Razumović Razz, alto/tenor saxophone, guitar,

flute and vocal: Giovanni Maier, double bass; Rajko Ergić,

drums, soprano saxophone and clarinet


Port to Port to Port is an album by Denis Razumović – Razz, a self-taught jazz musician, saxophone player, composer, multi-instrumentalist and a singer from Rijeka, made in collaboration with a drum player and soprano saxophone player Rajko Ergić and a double bass player Giovanni Maier. Port to Port to Port is also a project that examines the randomness and originality of music improvisation, freeing it from the stereotypical burdens of a performer's ego. The focus moves from the technical abilities of a certain performer or the competition between several of them to the features of music as an honest, introspective quest prone to unexpected and sudden turns, just like human life. In an almost psychoanalytical approach, the performers, who are also the authors and the arrangers of the improvisational “stream of consciousness”, subdue their own egos in order to create a collective music consciousness that will, using a free flow in the spirit of free jazz create new and completely unknown music shapes.

Port to Port to Port is Razz's fourth album recorded by Dallas Records. His musical expression is shaped by traditional jazz, bebop, free jazz and blues and his own intuition as well as a meticulous research of the sociological and historical facts that inspired his music idols. Razz has released three albums: In Umbra, For Believers Only, Urban Minority.