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Booksa Literary Club | 5|4|2019. 7 PM


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Literary Boudoir: Eivind Buene

The Literary Boudoir of the 30th MBZ presents national and international writers. In a relaxed setting of the literary club Booksa, the audience and moderators talk to guests about their literary work, contemporary culture and art, and social topics relevant to their opus. A talk with a composer and writer Eivind Buene, whose series of chamber compositions Possible Cities / Essential Landscapes will be performed at this years’ MBZ by the Cikada Ensemble, will be moderated by Dunja Kučinac.

Eivind Buene studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music from 1992 to 1998, after which he was a composer in residence in Oslo. His compositions for soloists, ensembles and orchestra were successfully performed at the Donaueschinger Musiktage Festival, Centre Pompidou, by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Carnegie Hall, etc. Apart from classical music, Buene also creates improvisations and collaborates with other musicians-improvisers. Buene is a guest at the Literary Boudoir because of his literary accomplishments and combining of music and literature. He writes reviews and essays, and has published a debut novel Enmannsorkester in 2010. He published three more novels and an essay collection and plans to publish a new essay collection in 2019. In recent large works, such as the composition Blue Mountain for two actors and an orchestra (2014) and A Posthuman Guide to the Orchestra (2018), Buene combined music and text.