07|04 Sunday
Zagreb Dance Center | 7 PM

Zagrebački plesni centar

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Concert & audio-visual performance

* In collaboration with the Multimedia Institute

Hrvoslava Brkušić & Hrvoje Nikšić: Polissphere

Projekt Polissfera koji pripremaju za 30. MBZ Brkušić i Nikšić opisuju ovako:

"We try to extract tonal colors from the sound of a city. The city itself becomes an oscillator and its noise, bustle and vibration determine the shape of a wave. The device we are using was made specifically for this occasion. It consists of pipes of various lengths that have multiple resonances and are built into our famous tonal system. That way, a wide frequency area that the city sound provides has been covered and we can, to some extent, extract its tonal components."

Bruce McClure, an audio-visual performance

Bruce McClure (Washington, 1959) is an experimental filmmaker, performance artist and architect. The Brooklyn-based McClure makes films and performances in which 16-mm film projectors play the leading role. With his idiosyncratic methods of projecting, McClure may call himself a worthy successor of radical avant- gardists such as Peter Kubelka, Ken Jacobs and Hollis Frampton.

McClure passes black & white 16-mm frames through his projectors in a loop, creating stroboscopic, multi-interpretable images. The same material that causes this layered flickering effect also forms the basis for the soundtrack, consisting of often disorienting, repetitive sounds that are constantly in development. His practice is largely based on the premise of a prepared projector, following Cage’s example of the prepared piano. Since 1995 his performances have been presented at festivals and museums around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Wexner Center for the Arts, and numerous other venues. McClure was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (2011) and the Herb Alpert Award (2008). Since 2010 he also has been frequently performing in Croatia (25FPS Festival in Zagreb, or Audioart in Pula).