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Jazz & Cabaret club Kontesa | 7:30 PM

Jazz & Cabaret club Kontesa

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Jon Irabagon, saxophones

American saxophonist Jon Irabagon is well-known for his openness to a variety of styles, moods and sounds, as well as revolutionary methods in the field of jazz music, while a solo performance at the MBZ illustrates his eclecticism and performance mercuriality. In this presentation, Irabagon relies on techniques, sound and style of the album Inaction is an Action (2015), performed on sopranino saxophone. The album has been included in several top 10 lists featuring albums of the year because of its novelty and unscrupulously progressive approaches to jazz music. As an inspiration for the Zagreb performance, he also used the concepts from his upcoming album Dark Horizon, in which his art of playing the mezzo-soprano saxophone is complemented by jazz and blues methods, as well as the sound vastness of the lowercase genre. The combination of these two albums’ concepts and new playing techniques guarantee an unparalleled and thrilling performance.

If someone had told me ten years ago that I would have been compelled by a solo set of sopranino saxophone, I'd've laughed heartily, then pushed him off his chair. But damned if I wasn't riveted. – Michael Toland, music critic


Photo: Bryan Murray