Today's MBZ programme offers piano concertos from all over the world and lots of other attractive concerts!

5-Minute Piano Concerto Competition Finalists 


Zsolt Sőrés, contemporary chamber music course leader at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, is mentoring young Hungarian musicians gathered under the Dark Flow Trio student ensemble. At 3 pm at the KIC they will present a part of their repertoire, a pioneering effort whose purpose is to show the importance of performing experimental music.

New Music Group of the Elly Bašić Music School is an experienced Biennale participant – they have had several festival performances, each featuring a daring repertoire and an inspired interpretation of different types of "new music". On this occasion, at the Museum of Arts and Craft at 6 p.m., they will perform the compositions by Ivan Božičević, John Cage, Sara Jakopović and Jordan Nobles – what actually links all these poetically different authors are the impressions of the Ensemble director.

"(...) we have received many pieces that are really interesting and in which it is clear that the composer had an idea of the final result because when it comes to composing, one also needs to think of the listener", said the conductor and composer Johannes Kalitzke, a member of the tripartite panel of the 5 Minute Piano Concerto Competition (that also included Berislav Šipuš, composer and conductor, and Daan Vandewalle, pianist). Out of numerous scores received from all over the world, the panel selected 10 works that the festival ensemble led by Aleksandar Kalajdžić will present tonight  at the Croatian Music Institute at 8 p.m. to the commission consisting of the composers Antti Auvinnen and Vito Žuraj, the director of the contemporary music festival Warsaw Autumn Jerzy Kornowicz and you – our audience! The competition finalists are composers from Cyprus, Canada, USA, Austria, Italy, China, Greece, Germany, Croatia and Mexico.

Amazing, energetic and interesting deconstruction of traditional music drama lies behind the intriguing Black Box Music project that the Oslo Sinfonietta will perform under the baton of Håkan Stene at the Theatre &TD at 10 p.m.. The program, devised in collaboration with the SC Music Salon, also features two interesting, almost provocative compositions: Wolf Studies by Øyvinda Torvund and Fremdarbeit by Johannes Kreidler, which deals with the issue of authorship of a work of art.

Composer Dubravko Detoni, spiritus movens of the Acezantez ensemble, recently turned 80, and as homage his music was included in repertoires of many musicians and was broadcasted on radio more often. For the audience of the 29th MBZ he has created a collage of his compositions performed by the Acezantez and has "refreshed" the ensemble, led by the same idea as when setting up the ensemble: "Those chosen have already offered something outside the box, outlandish, free either in their life events, career physiognomy, repertoire selection, interest in the unusual, their openness, stage extroversion, wit and arrogance, and even their blatant sense of adventure." The concert will take place at the &TD Semicircular Hall at 11 p.m.

On today's Artist Talk at KIC at 3 p.m. we will chat with the Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen, and with Maria Fonelopp, the Oslo Sinfonietta manager, who will discuss an interesting audio-visual project you can catch tonight at the &TD Theater. The conversation will be led by Branimir Pofuk.