Ensemble Modern and Chris Jarrett marked the 3rd day of 29th MBZ!

Ensemble Modern & Tibor Szirovicza, photo: Matej Grgić


How can music without words have an ethical dimension? By comparing various poetics of the 20th century composers, the lecture Sound and Silence or About Listening explores the significant place and the importance composers give to silence in their works, and how that changes the way we listen to music.

Through their work on the 20th and 21st century music, the members of the Maurice String Quartet, who received the Best Performance Award at last year's Summer Courses for New Music, endeavor to commission works by a younger generation of composers in order to encourage fresh, rich and varied music production with a view towards the future. Lachenmann's string quartet Grido (Scream) contains a series of unusual performing techniques, which require listening without expecting the usual patterns or roles in the quartet, even though this may be the most conventional among his string quartets. The composition was written in 2001, when Iannis Xenakis passed away. His string quartet Tetras is considered to be one of the best chamber music pieces, and we have an opportunity to listen to it today at the KIC.

Educating, encouraging and promoting contemporary music performers is one of the key factors to laying the foundation for continuation and evolution of the initiative and activities that the Cantus Ensemble has started in Croatia 15 years ago. The first step in this direction are undoubtedly student ensembles, so this year's MBZ is happy to give the microphone to Zagreb’s ASMANGU that will perform today at the Music Academy conducted by Ivan Josip Skender, and to Split’s S/UMAS ensemble tomorrow at the KIC.

The Choir of the Croatian Radio and Television accepted the challenge of interpreting new music by Finnish composers and the repertoire prepared earlier with Finnish musicians by maestro Nils Schweckendiek. The program also features the premiere of Beyond the Deadline by the Croatian composer Franjo Đurović. This is the spot where the best part of music is sometimes created by "those who do not take themselves seriously". Note: the sequence of the concert has been changed with regard to the catalog and the MBZ program booklet.

In 1965, the Zagreb Soloists have first performed Kelemen's composition, the same one that a new generation of the Soloists will open tonight’s concert with. The program also features compositions by Claude Vivier and Đuro Živković, and for the first time we will have an opportunity to hear Elegy by Viktorija Čop, written on a commission by the 29th MBZ that the Soloists have prepared with Edo Mičić who is conducting this concert.

"The echoes coming from humility and compassion of the heart" is the purpose of Kevin Juillerat’s composition written to the lyrics by Emily Dickinson that will conclude today's Biennale day.