Some of the leading European contemporary music ensembles will mark first days of 29th MBZ

Berislav Šipuš & Ansambl intercontemporain


Today catch some morning lectures at the Music Academy's building, the venue where we announced this year's festival. During the first lecture we explore how rational calculation and sensory perception complement each other during the creative process. In the afternoon workshop with jazz pianist Chris Jarrett young musicians will get an opportunity to dive deeper into free improvisation; as well as hear the vocal-instrumental program containing works by authors from the Central European region devised by the Music Academy Chamber Choir, led by Jasenka Ostojić, and the guests with whom they collaborated in the EUphony project. Apart from its artistic and educational purpose, the objective of this program is discovering different traditions and cultures.


Have a coffee and mingle at the KICat 3 pm and listen to selected electronic music by young Czech and Slovak composers as part of the project by the Slovak composer Danijel Matej, a familiar face on the Biennale scene.


The Ensemble Modern, one of the leading ensembles dedicated to contemporary music, brings together around 20 soloists from various countries, as a true example of its multiculturalism and beliefs. This philosophy is also reflected in the music of Jörg Widmann, who is currently one of the most prominent names on the contemporary music scene, so much so that one of his works was premiered at the opening of the new Elbphilharmonie. Tonight’s concert at the Zagreb Youth Theater will begin with his Love Song, and will also include works by an excellent Slovenian composer of the younger generation Vito Žuraj as well as works by Arnulf Hermann and Enno Poppe.
We caught the composer Tibor Szirovicza, whose new work Synchronicity will be premiered at today's concert, at the first rehearsals in Germany.  Here are his impressions and an invitation to tonight’s concert of the Ensemble Modern:
"The Ensemble is really fantastic – I cannot describe in words the level of work, energy of people, musicality and precision ... I can hardly wait for the concert in Zagreb! It will be a special event and an experience I will never forget ... See you on Monday night!”


As part of MBZ’s jazz.hr, jazz pianist Chris Jarrett and local jazz musicians will perform Jarrett’s work and pieces by Zoran Šćekić, with Jarrett improvising on piano, at the Blagoje Bersa Hall of the Music Academy. Apart from the authors, Saša Nestorović, Krunoslav Levačić, Pavle Jovanović, Luka Žužić and Ivar Roban Križić will also perform.


Today at 6 pm is your last opportunity to see and listen to the performance of an excellent new puppet show The Frog Queen at the Zagreb Puppet Theater. You will see a great ensemble, a striking story, hear some great music and have lots of fun!