Audio-visual programmes - a special treat of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb!

Ictus Ensemble, Sound & Vision


Previously announced opera Klothó written by the Polish composer Martyna Kosecka will, apart from music, have a very attractive visual part as well. The scene will largely be the work of the video designer Bartłomiej Szlachcic, also a Polish artist. Not to forget, the premiere of Klothó will at the same time mark the grand opening of the 29th MBZ, on April 22 in Komedija Theatre at 7.30 p.m., under the baton of maestro Berislav Šipuš.

Another attractive audio-visual programme will mark the first day of Biennale – at the Zagreb Youth Theatre starting at 10 p.m. Croatian Cantus Ensemble and maestro Adriano Martinolli from Trieste will perform the videoopera entitled An Index of Metals (2003) by the prematurely deceased Italian composer Faust Romitelli. The visual component of the piece is the work of his countryman Paolo PacchiniAn Index of Metals combines different musical influences, from classical contemporary expression to psychodelic rock music, and its main message is transmitted by the soprano, surrounded by rich layers of the ensemble's sound, electronics, lights and images.

Ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta is the oldest Norwegian ensemble for contemporary music. They will hold a concert at the Theatre &TD on April 26 at 10 p.m. The project is a collaboration with the Culture of Change of the Student Center in Zagreb, and is supported by the Embassy of Norway in Croatia. It features the audio-visual piece by the Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen called Black Box Music. This deconstruction of the traditional musical drama was already performed by Oslo Sinfonieta throughout the world with the percussion soloist Håkon Stene. As Andersen put it: „Although the piece is unlike anything you've heard so far, it doesn't require any extra knowledge of music to be able to enjoy it“.

The second concert that will take place at the venue, the Theatre &TD, takes place on April 28, at 10 p.m. and it's also an audio-visual project. The members of the Belgian Ictus Ensemble will present a programme under the title Sound & Vision, that explores the relation between music and visual arts. For this particular project, the MBZ commissioned a new piece from the Croatian composer Davor Branimir Vincze.