Croatian artists at 29th MBZ!

Music Biennale Zagreb is proud to present to an international audience the most distinguished artists and ensembles from its country. Special value of this programmes, produced mostly with the collaboration between cultural institutions, is providing a window into the international contemporary music scene.

Cantus Ensemble, photo: Vedran Metelko


Classical ensembles in a non-classical light

The tradicional collaboration between Croatian Radiotelevision Sympony Orchestra and Zagreb Philharmonic are „prime time“ concerts. Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra is an institution which doesn't have to be encouraged to perfom Croatian composers. On the contrary, the Orchestra is one of the first institutions in Croatia to promote our national music repertoire of all periods.

Zagreb Philharmonic will merge into an unknown and new programme under the baton maestro Dian Tchobanov. Besides new orcherstral pieces of Croatian composers Sanda Majurec and Ivan Josip Skender, they will perform two more premieres. One is a work by Davorin Kempf and the other is a new piece by Belgium composer Steven Prengels, comissioned by MBZ at 2015 after winning the 2nd prize at the 5-Minute Opera Competition.

Biennale will host once again at Sfumato cycle of the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir with a programme selected together with Helsinski Chamber Choir conductor, maestro Nils Schweckendieck. At the Museum Mimara they will present Finnish contemporary choir music and a new piece by Croatian composer Frano Đurović.

Zagreb Soloists will also step into the world of contemporary msuci with a  concert which will be a blend of contemporary classics and new comissioned works.

Artists of wide interests, with the desire to explore new artistical paths, are always dear partners at MBZ.  Just like Zagreb wind trio (Branko Mihanović, Žarko Perišić and Domagoj Pavlović), cello player Branimir Pustički and organist Ante Knešaurek. These artists will present themselves with solo concerts.

Croatian ensemble Cantus, dedicated to contemporary music has a special place at MBZ's programme. At the opening day, they will perform a video-opera An Index of Metals, written by Italian composer Fausto Romitelli with the visual component created by Paolo Pacchini.  The performance will be conducted by Andriano Martinolli, a dear guest of Cantus Ensemble.

Ensemble Acezantez, will held a concert to celebrate the 80th birthday of great Croatian composer Dubravko Detoni with a programme entitled ACEZANTEZIATIS: Musica Detoniana, with the participation of the author. 


An open closing

Maybe the biggest departure from the standard is the new project entitled TE, a work by composers Dalibor Bukvić and Ana Horvat, director Natalija Manojlović, light designer Marin Frankola and production designer Ana Trischler. The project will be performed at the Grič Tunnel, by Croatian Vocal ensemble Antiphonus, an ideal partner for the unusual and new!

The rich "Croatian part" of the 29th MBZ offers the unexpected, fresh and daring. So come to these performances with an open heart and mind!