Music Biennale Zagreb raises a new audience: grand programs for the little ones



Day after their concert at Zagreb Youth Theatre, on April 28th Les Percussions de Strasbourg will move to Zagreb Puppet Theatre at 5 p.m. With an attractive programme with the use of new technologies they will surely kindle the children's imagination and gain new fans of contemporary music. Those programmes are a valuable festivals' guideline which is being underlined at this years' edition.

Childrens' percussion programme is not the only one. On the contrary, before the solemn opning for grown ups, the children have advantage at the so called Grand opening for the little ones at the Zagreb Puppet Theatre on April 22nd at 6 p.m. The premiere of the chidlrens' puppet play entitled The Frog Queen. Music is written by young Croatian composer Sara Glojnarić and it is directed by the renowned Croatian director Rene Medvešek. The Frog Queen will surely be one of the most attractive programmes at Music Biennale Zagreb! According to the composer, the play was a real creative challenge. „The creative process was relatively flowing, from the initian musical and stage scenes, till the final product which was the result of a team work. Luckily, Rene and I have had the same vision of the story, his from the visual and mine from the musical side. Therfore, from the very beginning the musical material corresponded with with the scenes of the play. Besides from the Theatre's ensemble, the performers are Marija Lešaja (soprano), Gustav Barišin (double bass), Sanja Vrsalović (piano) and Josip Konfic (percussions).

But, there comes the time to change roles – at MBZ children will no longer be just sitting in the audience. On April 26th at the Museum of Arts and Crafts at 6 p.m., MBZ is proud to present again the youngest performers of contemporary music in Croatia! The Ensemble for New Music of Elly Bašić Music School under the mentorship of professor Maja Petyo Bošnjak wil perform music by John Cage, Jordan Nobles and Croatian composers Ivan Božičević and Sara Jakopović. The Ensemble has been active since 2007 and is surely the most effective way of introducing New Music of the 20th century and contemporary music to children. Music Biennale Zagreb is supportive towards this initiative, being aware that among those little minds are the future soloists, composers or conductors from which we shall comission new pieces for some of the future Festivals' editions...

But now just children are minios of MBZ. Youngsters as a valuable creative social group of future professional musicians haev their own space for creative expression. At Cultural and Information Center for afternoons are reserved for perspective young musicians and authors. From April 24th till 27th at 3 p.m. concerts of different youth ensembles will take place. Led by their mentors, in a more unformal atmosphere, they will show their interests and artistic directions. On the first day, on April 24th, a programme entitled Electro–news from Czecho-Slovakia will take place with electronic pieces of young composers from Czech Republic and Slovakia, led by the Slovakian composer Daniel Matej. The following day, on April 25th, from Central Europe we're moving to Italy from where is arriving the Maurice String Quartet with works of Helmut Lachenmann and Iannis Xenakis. From Hungary, students from Franz Liszt Music Academy gathered under Dark Flow Trio and led by the Zslot Sőrés will perform on April 26th. This youth cycle will be concluded on April 27th with domestic forces: soloists S/UMAS of the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the Art Academy in Split will perform under the leadership of the Croatian saxophonist and composer Gordan Tudor.

At the Music Biennale Zagreb studenst from the Music Zagreb Academy will also represent themselves. On April 24th at the Museum of Arts and Crafts at 6 p.m. the Chamber Choir of the Music Academy under the baton of Jasenka Ostojić will perform a challenging programme of the 20th century repertoire music (György Ligeti), contemporary authors (Beat Furrer, Igor Štuhec), the most important Croatian vocal music composers (Igor Kuljerić, Frano Parać) and premiere of a new comissioned work from Croatian composer Sanja Drakulić. The day after, at the Blagoje Bersa concert hall of the Music Academy, the recently established Ensemble for contemporary music of the Music Academy Zagreb (ASMANGU) will perform works of the four most renowned Croatian composers of the older generation (Marko Ruždjak, Anđelko Klobučar, Ruben Radica and Stanko Horvat), under the baton of Ivan Josip Skender