Jazz is an inseperable part of Music Biennale Zagreb and as a musical genre is deeply intertwined with the contemporary classical music. Following this programme route, Music  Biennale Zagreb will offer an interesting concert for jazz as well as for contemporary music connoisseurs!

In collaboration with Jazz.hr concert cycle, at MBZ will perform one of the most famous pianists of today – Chris Jarrett. Originally from the USA, Chris Jarrett is living now in Germany where he dedicates most of his time to teaching and composing. In his musical language he combines classical music structures with the freedom of jazz improvisation. His creativity was influenced by great composers coming from classical and jazz background: Johannes Ockenghem, Sergei Prokofiev, Charles Mingus and Frank Zappa. As written by Chris Stewart, writer and ex-member of the rock group Genesis: "Chris Jarrett's music is not simply heard, it is experienced, felt, absorbed and assimilated. He incorporates such a wide range of influences that embody self contained chaos, floating structures carried by classical themes with influences of orchestral music, jazz, european folk music, and pure abandon. His music is a force of nature and an act of grace."

Chris Jarrett's concert is organized by Music Biennale Zagreb and Jazz.hr concert cycle, and it will take place in Blagoje Bersa concert hall of the Zagreb Music Academy in April 24th at 10 p.m.

The traditional collaboration between  Music Biennale Zagreb and Jazz.hr cycle, not only bring to Zagreb's audience the most famous international artists, but also follows an important objective of promoting Croatian musicians. Therefore, Chris Jarrett will be sharing the stage with some of the most distinguished Croatian jazz musicians, gathered under the name Abstract Construction Collective: Zoran Ščekić (trombocit!), Saša Nestorović (tenor saxophone), Luka Žužić (trombone), Pavle Jovanović (guitar), Ivar Roban Križić (double bass), Krunoslav Levačić (drums).

This event will surely be of interest for a wider audience, therefore, to have your ticket secured on time, follow regularly our web and social networks!

See you at MBZ with a jazz vibe!